Heritage Interviews

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Our Purpose

"Our mission is to document and preserve the histories and stories of families through the collaborative research and recording of memories, photographs, videos, and related artifacts and memorabilia. We edit and produce videos for the benefit of our families and future generations." Mission Statement - Heritage Interviews

The Perfect Gift

Family research is something we seem to all have an interest in at some point in our lives. Whether that interest is an ancestor, family tree, or our family history or heritage, capturing the story of our senior family members is core to what we can do to help future generations understand those who came before. Whether they reside at home, nursing homes, retirement homes, or in a senior assisted living community, we as their descendents can record family history and "pay it forward". You may or may not be a genealogist, but you hold the key to your senior's treasured memories being shared going forward. Perhaps you yourself are a senior. Don't allow this opportunity to pass you by. None of us will be on this earth forever. Without question, one day we will pass away, or become incapacitated. Please provide your family with the gift of gifts - the joy of seeing and hearing the special memories provided by a loved one, captured for the ages! We've worked with interviewers, photographers and videographers in Austin, Giddings, San Antonio, Round Rock, Georgetown, Houston, and points in-between. This is our passion, and we love it. You will too. Contact Heritage Interviews today! Dan@HeritageInterviews.com.
Personal Historians
Genealogy researchers capture history. We record videos of senior family and their memories! Interviews are treasured histories. Parents and grandparents live on! Be a hero to future family. Capture your parents' memories now! Sharing their life's stories. Knowing that their family greatly values their life and wisdom, senior family members are typically thrilled to experience the interest and attention an interview provides. You yourself have unique memories that your family would appreciate having in a video... a Legacy video by Heritage Interviews. Our personal historians have been doing this for years. There have been many lessons learned along the way. Isn't it time to "immortalize" a loved one for future generations to learn from and appreciate?
Some are concerned about "family secrets" being publicized, and hesitate to record their family member or themselves until the opportunity is lost. Being affiliated with the Association of Personal Historians, our responsibility to you and your family is of utmost importance. To us, the key tenet in the APH Code of Ethics is: Respect clients’ and narrators’ wishes about privacy, confidentiality, and nondisclosure.

We will not disclose or share any video or other information with other parties without the expressed documented consent of those appearing in the video, or their guardian. These histories are for the benefit of the families.

Why Should You Do This?
• Because you understand the unending value to yourself and your family.

• Recording your loved one has been an “I’ll do it when I get around to it” priority.

• Someone “special” to you passed away, and you know that death waits for no one.

• Having Heritage Interviews produce this Timeless Legacy accomplishes a goal which is “priceless”.

• You are involved as a coordinator, helping your family capture precious memories.

• Are you “getting up there” in years? What better gift could you possibly provide?

• Memories are what shape our lives.

• With a Heritage Interviews video, memories last forever!

• Our personnel have a deep respect for the importance of this work.

• Select videos of ours have been donated to the Texas Wendish Heritage Museum, with interviewee or guardian agreement.

• This opportunity to make a special video may be lost if you don’t act!

• Interviewers we recommend are professional and trustworthy, with a “gift of gab”.

• Having a family member as interviewer, with family knowledge, provides unique insight.
Why Do We Do This?
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• Unquestionably, capturing memories and the history of our families is often neglected.

• We have the technology and experience to help you, your family, and descendents.

• Our skills include over 30 years of video production and computer expertise.

• The most important thing in this journey through life is people. Families in particular.

• When I was 44, my father passed away. There were so many things left unsaid.

• I never really knew my grandparents, and very little about my aunts and uncles.

• I wish I had interview videos of them! But procrastination set in, and they’re gone.

• Researching family trees, finding our “roots” and history has been a labor of love.

• Finding names, birth and death dates, and relationships is facinating, but limited.

• The ability for your family, your children and their children, to see and hear those who came before, opens an entirely new way to learn and appreciate their history.

• We’re excited to offer this service to you!